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My Jelado

today24 May 2021


My Jelado 不是普通的冰淇淋。它与意大利歌剧一样高级,也拥有东方文化的异国情调。融合了东方和西方的两种趣味,My Jelado用尽心思打造和配方,为您带来这足于让您高潮的冰淇淋。

My Jelado is no ordinary gelato ice-cream. It’s as premium as Italian Opera and as exotic as Oriental culture. With both flavours from the East and West, My Jelado is masterfully created and formulated to seduce your senses and give you that cool orgasm of gelato ice cream.

姓名 (Owner's Name)
Joseph Lim
企业种类 (Business Type)
饮食业、Online F&B 网店
产品照片(Product Images)
产品价格(Price Range)
公司地址 (Location)
Unit K-G, Sunway PJ51, Jalan SS9A/19 Seri Setia, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor DE.
外送服务(Delivery Service)
联络号码 (Contact Number)
+60 12-321 1566
电邮地址 (Email)

Written by: 8FM

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