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today30 September 2020


Cuti-cuti Malaysia也不用特地去很远的地方,来一场好冷爽的Genting staycation也非常棒!

来来来,小编现在就要告诉你天大的好消息,那就是Genting First World Hotel 将从即日起举办8月份特别优惠!而且最低一晚一人只要RM35,就能住进云顶的酒店里,享受凉爽的天气啦~但是,此优惠只限于云顶会员哦!

Deluxe Room RM70(两人房)

Y5 Deluxe RM80(两人房)

Triple Room RM100(三人房)

Y5 Triple…

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Written by: Celine W.

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