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高以翔女友事发后悄悄更新IG「我和你终会相遇」 15年挚友毛加恩po长文悼念「I’ll miss you forever」

today29 November 2019



Bella面对和高以翔天人永隔始终沉默,不只没有发言在镜头前也未曾露面,直到29日,她才默默改了IG简介,写着「Whatever we are…You and I will always collide. (无论如何,我和你终会相遇)」简短的一句话,道尽不舍与伤痛。


而身为挚友的毛加恩,高以翔原计划29日当婚礼伴郎,如今却成为终生遗憾。在沉淀2天后,毛加恩在婚礼前在个人社交圈写长文悼念好兄弟,回忆2人长达15年的交情,点点滴滴都将永远存在心中「I’ll miss you forever」,同时也曝光高以翔女友合照。




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I don’t really know where to begin. I’ve been trying to gather my thoughts for the past two days, but anytime I try to write anything I break down in tears. I wake up sobbing, I’m devastated. A post is not gonna do justice to express the brotherhood, the bond that we made. When I first met you 15 years ago, we both just moved back. I knew from that day forward we would be good friends, but I never expected you to become my family. I always wanted to be like you. When you wore baggy jeans, I wanted you to take me to buy the same pair. When you listened to Trey Songz and Bobby V who I never heard of, I asked you to make me a mixtape too. When you drove a Nissan Cefiro, I got one soon after that. You were the most genuine person I knew, even when you talked to strangers and they would just be shocked you would talk to them and be so down to earth. I could tell you anything and be straightforward about it without your judgement. When you first started your career, I was able to take care of you for a few months, and ever since then you’ve been taking care of me. Tomorrow’s my big day and you’re not here. I don’t know how this pain is gonna stop, realizing I’m not gonna see you again. You just told me a few days ago about a big dinner that was supposed to happen tonight and I was so happy for you. Thank you for loving Tiffany like your sister and me as your brother. I have a ton of stories and pics that I’ll keep as a memory of you. I’ve heard more and more stories from people these two days about your kindness to them and I’m not surprised. You’ll always have a deep place in my heart, and you’re truly irreplaceable. I’ll miss you forever and I love you bro. #GodfreyGao

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Written by: 8FM

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